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Does E Liquid go Bad?

3rd October 2013

Consisting of nicotine, added flavour and the vapour producing agent like Propylene glycol or Vegetable glycerine, e liquid has one major concern or a question related to it. Does e liquid go bad and if so, how do you prevent it? The quick answer is Yes it does, but if you store it properly, it is usable for up to two years. However, certain factors can kill the shelf life.

E liquid needs adequate care as it is affected by both heat and light. The main ingredient PG, is antimicrobial, so it remains unaffected by micro-organisms but the other components are vulnerable to degradation. The flavour is prone to tarnish over time, and the nicotine's main enemies are light, heat and air. So if you need to store this in the correct way, store the bottle in a cupboard or a closed box and keep it in a cool, dry place at room temperature.

A refrigerator is fine also. If you have larger quantities, you can keep them in the freezer, as the PG or in the e liquid has a very low freezing point which is below the temperature of a household freezer.

So how do you detect if e liquid is going bad?

You may notice the separation of ingredients formed in the mixture, this is natural so always shake the bottle well before using it. But if the ingredients do not mix after prolonged shaking, you might have to consider changing it.

If you start finding that your e liquid is going bad regularly, use the tips above to help prolong this.