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A Few Basics of E Liquid in an Electronic Cigarette

1st October 2013

The electronic cigarette or ecig is gaining more and more popularity across the world. Many individuals consider it a better alternative to the tobacco cigarette. The reason for the popularity of the electronic version over the traditional type is the pleasurable experience that it offers.

The main ingredient in the electronic cigarette is the e liquid, also referred to as smoke juice and e juice. This e liquid is the reason the electronic cigarette has flavours. In an ecig, the e liquid is stored in the cartridge or cartomiser.

A few of the notable considerations while choosing an e liquid are the ability of vapour production, available flavours, nicotine level and consistency. The vapour producing agent can be either Propylene glycol (PG) or Vegetable glycerine (VG). E liquids with PG in them are usually more popular as they produce less dense and sweeter vapours..

PG is an organic compound that is a clear, colourless and slightly sweet liquid. This is widely used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. It is recognised as safe for use in foods, medicines and cosmetics.

For any kind of vapour, you can choose the best flavoured e liquid for the best vapour and flavour whilst enjoying your electronic cigarette.