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Facts you Need to Know About Cartomizers

30th September 2013

Many people have now heard of, or found the better alternative to tobacco cigarettes; an electric or electronic cigarette that doesn't create toxic smoke like the former. Many people the world over are switching to the electronic version and the new term used for using this device is 'vaping' instead of smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are usually made of two basic components including the cartomiser and battery. The cartomiser contains the atomizer along with the e-liquid, and the battery heats the atomizer and that in turn generates the vapour and delivers the taste of the e-liquid.

But there are a few facts that you need to know about cartomizers in order to know how unique they are and make the most of your ecig experience.

One: Ecig cartomisers utilise a type of glycerine in order to carry the nicotine and the flavour into the vapour, this can either be VG – Vegetable Glycerine, or PG – Propylene Glycol.

Two: Ecigs cartomisers tend to last about the equivalent of an entire pack of tobacco cigarettes. Once these stop producing as much vapour, you simply require another cartromiser to enjoy.

Three: Ecig cartomisers are available in almost any flavour that you may require. The flavours can be American blend, menthol, cherry, tobacco, pure Virginia, apple, vanilla and many others.

Four: Not all cartomisers are made with the same nicotine level. There are different levels of nicotine present in the cartomisers that range from zero level to a super-high level.

Five: The price comparison between electric cigarette cartridges and tobacco cigarette can be up to 80%. Since each ecig cartridge lasts about the same amount of puffs as an entire packet of tobacco cigarettes, saving money on an effective alternative is definitely a better choice.