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Electronic Cigarette Industry- The Boom Continues

24th September 2012

Electronic Cigarette Industry- The Boom Continues.

Financial and industry experts from the UK all agree with this one fact:

  • the electronic cigarette industry is booming and how!

The figures from the last couple of years are especially encouraging. Quoting the numbers provided by the Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association, in the year 2011, the worth of the e cigarette industry was £5m-£10m.

While we are still in 2012, the upward swing in electronic cigarette popularity is continuing. As per the Association’s estimates, this growth is around 50% annually and is expected to continue unabated till 2014.

The manufacturers are spreading out and prepping to serve an expanding consumer base.

The ECCA has also added that seeing the increasing number of vapers in the UK is expected to reach the count anywhere between 500,000-600,000 people.

Electronic Cigarette Industry- The Boom Continues

Even the tobacco companies have seen the huge potential of electronic cigarettes and have started making forays in to the vaping industry.

R.J. Reynolds is one of the brands that have made an entry.
Other companies have noticed that more and more people are choosing e cigs as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

That is why they have set up ventures to come up with tobacco alternatives. The biggest name engaged in finding alternatives is British American Tobacco which established Nicoventures to find cigarette replacements and is presently working on a dedicated nicotine device.

Major players in the e cigarette industry believe that that as their industry is gaining ground and solidifying its presence. Things are looking up with increased investments and marketing support being provided for the industry.

Innovations are on in e cig designs, eliquid flavours and more. The future seems pretty exciting for e cig users!