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Hollywood Celebrities on the Vaping Bandwagon

24th August 2012

Hollywood Celebrities on the Vaping Bandwagon.

Most of you ‘Twilight’ fans would know that:

  • our very own English actor Robert Pattinson has suffered a cruel heartbreak from cheating girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart.

Also, Robert has been a vaper for some time now.

His smoking choices made news:

  • firstly, when he was reported to be back to regular cigarettes.
  • secondly, post his traumatic and very public breakup.
  • And the latest we have from news sources in Hollywood is that Robert has healed sufficiently and is back to vaping. Way to go Rob!

Also, There are a number of other Hollywood celebrities too. Who have taken to the alternative to cigarettes- the electronic cigarette.

Perhaps the biggest publicity bubble was created by The Ugly Truth star Katherine Heigl:

  • who vaped on a popular TV chat show Late Show with David Letterman.
  • Katherine not only smoked an e cigarette but also endorsed them as free of the harmful toxins found in regular cigarette smoke.
  • Also, She aimed to prove that the vapour produced by the vaporised e juice was totally harmless to the people around smokers.

Some of the other big names in showbiz include Kate Moss:

  • who has been seen vaping.
  • Also, The Inception star- Leonardo DiCaprio is also known to vape and has been spotted and duly photographed while vaping.
  • And who is to forget the scenes from the 2010 movie The Tourist where Johnny Depp was seen smoking e cigarettes.

Do you know of any other celebs of the film or music industry who smoke electronic cigs? Share your insights via the comments below.