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How to Insert Liquid in an Electronic Cigarette?

18th March 2013

An electronic cigarette is basically composed of an atomiser, battery and a passage to deliver liquid. There are mainly two types of atomiser delivery systems, which are cartomisers and cartridges. While the latter uses the atomiser separately, the former utilises both an atomiser and a cartridge together. Therefore, you can refill each with your favourite e-liquid through different methods.

1. Remove the mouthpiece from the atomiser to get the cartridge. Check the filler material properly to see if it is burned or not. In case, it is, discard the cartridge.

2. Drip the liquid in the new cartridge until it gets wet completely. Press it back to the place and ensure that there is no leakage of fluid.

1. Hold the battery end and untwist the mouthpiece/cartomiser gently. Hold it in a position that the portion, which gets screwed in the battery, is on top.

2. Note that you have to drip the liquid from the battery side hole instead from mouthpiece side. It is because the latter has a silicone plug that restricts the fluid from getting in the mouth while you are inhaling.

3. Keep your finger on the mouthpiece side and drip the liquid from battery side hole. When it gets full, the fluid will automatically reach to the reservoir around the hole.

4. Remove the finger to drain the liquid from reservoir into the cartomiser. Screw it back onto the battery and ensure the liquid is not leaking.

You can choose any ecig flavour. UK has seen a constant increase in the number of vapers in the last few years.