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Advantages of an E-Cigarette Over a Conventional Cigarette

5th April 2013

If you want to try a an alternative to traditional smoking or if your family or friends protest against the smoke of your cigarette, then electronic cigarettes or e-cigs could be the answer to your problems.

Electronic cigarettes are composed of an inhaler, a liquid container and atomiser, a battery and the power source connection. E-cigs look like conventional cigarettes but they do not emit smoke. They do not need to be lighted with a lighter or match like you light a regular cigarette, since e-cigs are battery operated.

There are numerous advantages of smoking an electronic cigarette vis-à-vis a regular cigarette:

1. The biggest plus of an e-cigarette is that it emits no smoke.
2. Your surroundings remain smokeless while you enjoy the pleasure of smoking. E-cigs dispense nicotine in your blood stream without the hassle of smoke being exhaled.
3.You experience the freedom of not having to bother about getting rid of the smell of smoke via incense, deodorant, mouthwash or airing the room.
4.Unlike a regular cigarette, you don’t feel the compulsion to finish an e-cig. It can be kept aside after a few puffs.
5. You can use the same cigarette again unlike conventional cigarettes as e-cigs lend themselves to reuse.
6. No need for stocking up on matches or lighters. E-cigs also turn out to be cost-effective in the long run due to the factor of prolonged reuse.
7. No more burn holes in the car upholstery, your clothes, the carpet and the sofa!.

E-cigarettes come in an incredible variety of flavours, from chocolate to menthol and from apple to vanilla! The E-Liquid flavour adds to your incredible smoking experience. You can buy one from the variety available according to your mood and preferences.