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What is an Electronic Liquid?

10th April 2013

Electronic Cigarettes are rising as the next big thing in both the UK and US markets. However, to operate these, vaper need to have a high quality e-liquid. Whether it is a pre-filled cartomiser or a fluid tank system, electronic liquid is essential to create inhaled vapour out of it. E-liquid is basically a simple solution with three main components. These include:


It is referred as the stimulant and the substance, which is addictive in e-cigs. Many suppliers in United Kingdom usually offers four different strengths; high, medium, low or no nicotine in the electronic cigarettes, to cater to the varied requirements of customers from all over the nation.


As nicotine does not have any discernible taste, a flavour is added in electronic liquid. UK suppliers offers a wide variety of flavours including American Blend, Coffee, Cola, Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, Menthol, Pure Virginia, Gold & Silver, Vanilla and Tobacco. You can pick ecig flavour, UK of your choice.


It is the third main component included in electronic liquid. For obtaining the right strength, the mixture of flavour and nicotine is diluted with the help of diluent. Moreover, it is also used to support the production of vapour that is inhaled and transfers nicotine and flavour from e-cig to the vaper.