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Leading Scientists Denounce False Claims Against Vaping

16th December 2014

As we look back over 2014 we cannot be surprised at the determination of some to find evils within vaping. But towards the end of this year more leading scientists came out to criticise this coverage and denounce the more spurious claims. Amongst the most important of these in the UK has been from scientists engaged in a world leading institute for public health, which have scathing words for the press regarding their covering of vaping dangers. They described in an editorial in the British Journal of General Practice that commentaries have been ‘alarmist’ and ‘bizarre’ for their distortion of evidence that actually shows clear safety advantages of e-cigarettes compared to the tobacco alternative.

Written by Professor Robert West and Dr Jamie Brown from UCL’s leading Department of Epidemiology & Public Health, the core criticism is that alarmist reports bare no relation to the evidence available and are essentially deeply prejudiced.

The University is a world leading centre of research excellence and a top ranked University in the UK.

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