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Medical Oxygen Guidelines with all electronic devices

29th July 2014

Many patients who have been prescribed oxygen to use at home have been users of tobacco cigarettes in the past and the use is more common than many imagine.

With more people now switching to electronic cigarettes instead this has prompted the British Compressed Gases Association to compile guidelines on the safe use of medical oxygen in the home around all electronic devices including ecigarettes.

Oxygen helps things burn and it's important to note that people should not smoke or vape when using them. In addition you should not charge any electrical devices around the oxygen containers even when not in use. This advice applies to any electronic device including phones, tablets and ecigarettes.

Rooms should be well ventilated when using oxygen as it can build up on clothes, carpets and upholstery, Any oxygen rich environment can be more hazardous around potential ignition sources which can include any charging devices or batteries.