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Category: Tips & Tricks

New to E-Cigarettes?

26th May 2016
New to E-Cigarettes?  then here’s our top tips for vaping….   If your battery light keeps flashing it means your battery is low. Ensure you recharge it and use the spare battery. Don’t forget to charge your battery regularly as this
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Rescue Your Cash – Stop Smoking

12th May 2016
Life without smoking is full of health and financial benefits. Most people are aware of health risks involved. There are many reason why you should quit this bad habit for good. NHS Smokefree website has many advice and information, even include
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Keeping your Vape Free of Formaldehyde

11th March 2015
It isn’t difficult to keep safe, and the good news is that it’s generally intolerable to inhale when formaldehyde is being generated at significant levels, so you’ll know if there is a problem. If you use conventional e-cigs, like the ones
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Cinnamon Flavours to be avoided

17th February 2015
Whilst E-liquids inhaled as vapour do have some cell stress inducing effects, i.e. propylene glycol is a slight irritant unless you are allergic to it, the impact is much less than for smoking. One factor that has been emerging over the
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Refilling Your Cartomisers

23rd December 2014
Cartomisers can be refilled. Here is a trick to help you. Cartomisers come with a protective soft plastic cover placed on the end. Keep this aside and when you need to refill, put a little e-liquid into the cover. Then carefully
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Does Vaping Cause Lung Inflammation?

13th November 2014
This question is important to ask and answer. As a vaper and ex-smoker myself, I am concerned that if I continue vaping that I will not be causing harm to my lungs. Improving my lung function was a key objective for
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Medical Oxygen Guidelines with all electronic devices

29th July 2014
Many patients who have been prescribed oxygen to use at home have been users of tobacco cigarettes in the past and the use is more common than many imagine. With more people now switching to electronic cigarettes instead this has prompted
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Travelling Restrictions with E-cigarettes

18th July 2014
Travelling Restrictions with E-cigarettes. With increased security around flying, many people are unsure of current rules for taking their ecigarettes and e-liquid abroad. Airlines are used to seeing electronic cigarettes these days and you should face no problems when flying abroad
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E Liquid – Flavour Combinations

2nd June 2014
We offer a great range of E liquid flavours with something to suit everyone. Whether you prefer the fruit flavours of Cherry or Apple or the richer flavours of Coffee, Chocolate or Vanilla. Or perhaps Pure Virginia, American Blend, Gold and
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Smokers coming in from the cold

13th November 2013
Seeing smokers huddled together outside the workplace is a common sight, but as the weather turns colder many could only hope for an alternative. E-cigarettes could actually be a boon to productivity. Think of the time it takes smokers to put
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