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No Effect Of “Passive Vaping” in Blood Counts Of Non-Users

28th August 2012

No Effect Of “Passive Vaping” in Blood Counts Of Non-Users.

There is a new study which has come into light proving that e cigarettes are completely safe to be smoked. Also, The vapour released has no effect to passive vapers.

There is a renowned study and research centre in Greece which has come out with a study titled:

“Acute effects of electronic and tobacco cigarette smoking on complete blood count.”

And can be found here:

The research was conducted by an ex WHO health expert. It studied the blood count levels of research participants who were made to breathe normally. Breathe e cig vapour and also breathe in tobacco cigarette smoke.

The study concluded that:

  • there was an adverse effect on the smokers and passive smoker’s blood count only as a result of inhaling tobacco cigarette smoke.
  • And most importantly the smoker and passive smoker remained unaffected while breathing e cig vapour.
  • The results of the study showed:
  • that in case of smokers and passive smokers,
  • the complete blood count (CBC) indices shot up after inhaling
  • or being exposed to regular cigarette smoke and lymphocyte,
  • white blood cell, and granulocyte counts increased.
  • While when these people were exposed to the vapour released from the e liquid being vaporised, they remained completely unaffected.

The research concludes on the note that:

  • there are other areas which need to be evaluated for consumer product safety of electronic cigarettes.
  • But one thing is certain according to this study. E cigs are completely safe to be smoked anywhere,anytime in public areas. The vapour does not cause any harm to the passive vaper.
  • So, when someone speaks of potential dangers of passive vaping, you know better than to believe them!