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Tips For New E Cigarette Users

31st July 2013
The electronic version of traditional cigarettes is the classic alternative and are now widely used by many across the globe. After you have ordered your electronic cigarettes kit, you can go through the user manual and information to know the usage
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Don’t ‘Stub Out’ The Electronic Cigarette

29th July 2013
In the UK, smoking related illnesses lead to the death of around 114,000 people a year and costs the NHS an estimated £2.7bn. There is a ban on smoking cigarettes in public places and nicotine-replacement therapy products like patches and gums
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E Cigarettes to be Regulated as Medicines: July Update

26th July 2013
E Cigarettes to be Regulated as Medicines: July Update The E Cigarette has to be seen as the most successful invention ever in the tobacco alternative market. It is designed to look and feel like a real cigarette. Even emitting artificial
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Vapor Loft vape lounge, Orange, CA.

Top Tips For Vapers

24th May 2013
With the increasing popularity, many individuals in the United Kingdom and across the globe have started vaping with an electronic cigarette. It basically includes a small cartridge containing nicotine, a cartomizer and a battery. When the atomizing device heats up, the
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Tiger Coco E Liquid

E-cigs Subject of Cover Story on the Metro

15th May 2013
E-cigs Subject of Cover Story on the Metro The e-cigarette is in the media spotlight now. After getting space on the BBC website and Daily Mail. The product has been the subject of the cover story. The Smoking Gun on the
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Electronic Cigarette – Blooming in the UK Market

25th April 2013
Electronic Cigarette – Blooming in the UK Market A recent report on BBC News talks about the rising popularity of electronic cigarettes in the United Kingdom market. Even without major marketing initiatives electronic cigarette use is growing organically. The demand of
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How to Charge An Electronic Cigarette?

23rd April 2013
Electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine to vapers through an electronic atomizer or cartomizer. It works on a battery that needs to be recharged regularly. Electronic Cigarette If you are a new user of ecig, here are the steps that can be followed
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E-Liquid Apple

E cigarette – Making your Smoking Experience Amazing

16th April 2013
Do you know that there is an alternative to smoking? If not, then you should know about Electronic Cigarette. It is like a cigarette only it does not contain tar, tobacco, or carbon monoxide. Electronic Cigarette or E-cigarette has been in
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What is an Electronic Liquid?

10th April 2013
Electronic Cigarettes are rising as the next big thing in both the UK and US markets. However, to operate these, vaper need to have a high quality e-liquid. Whether it is a pre-filled cartomiser or a fluid tank system, electronic liquid
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Advantages of an E-Cigarette Over a Conventional Cigarette

5th April 2013
If you want to try a an alternative to traditional smoking or if your family or friends protest against the smoke of your cigarette, then electronic cigarettes or e-cigs could be the answer to your problems. Electronic cigarettes are composed of
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