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Power Outage and Charging your Ecigarette

22nd October 2012

Yes, to enjoy the uninterrupted pleasure of smoking your E-cig anywhere, you must have it charged all the time.

  • That said, there is no guarantee that you will have access to 24x7 electricity to charge your E-cig batteries wherever you go.
  • For instance what if you decide to spend the New Year in Philippines and there is a power outage, what will you do then?
  • That is why you must be one up against all odds (natural disasters or man-made ones!) with ways at hand to charge your E-cig batteries.
  • The first thing to do is to keep stock of e-cig cartridges/cartomisers as well as e-liquid with you. Sometimes you could be stuck in incessant rain or be snowed in, or the internet could be down for you, so you cannot place an order online.
  • You should therefore be well stocked for at least a couple of weeks (hopefully :) ). Another great move would be to have more than one; in fact have several electric cigarette chargers as well as batteries to act as backups.
  • Remember to always charge your batteries during the night so that during the day you can vape and do your work uninterrupted.
  • In case of power outage in your building, you can also rely on car battery chargers. These are a smart choice in case the area you are going to be in faces long power cuts.
  • These chargers will not only help you in the case of a road trip, but also when the electricity is out for days on end. So, what other ways can you think of keeping your ecig all charged up? Leave your views in the comments below.