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New Study – Electronic Cigarettes raised Productivity at Workplace

26th October 2012

Recently, we have highlighted some new stories on the UK companies experimenting with electronic cigarettes at their workplace.

Actually, these companies were curious to know if there was any positive impact of e-cigarette on their employees' productivity by making them stay at their desk rather than letting them step outside after every hour for smoking. The results were positive; hence, those companies gave e-cigarette starter kits to their smoking employees for free. This has helped them in achieving a higher output from their employees.

There are many anti-smoking organisations and business groups in Arizona, which went on the same track and achieved the desired results. As per Phoenix Business Journal, the ‘Smoke-Free Arizona’ Act has outlawed smoking in the workplace in the year 2007. There was a declining trend in the workplace productivity in different companies due to high ratio of smokers working at their premises.

As electronic cigarettes do not produce any smoke, it is safe to use them at no smoking places. After seeing the benefits in UK companies, businessmen in US have also started introducing e-cigarettes in their companies. In fact, smoke-free Arizona, a non-profit group who spearheaded the legislative effort nearly five years ago, has also shown thumps up to this move.

It has been seen that smoking employees spends only 83% of the time at their desk, resulting in a decline pro-rata in their productivity. However when these employees use ecigs, their productivity increases significantly. This is not only good for meeting business deadlines but also for boosting staff morale.