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SFATA – Making Electronic Cigarettes Safe

30th October 2012

SFATA – Making Electronic Cigarettes Safe.

Convenience Store News, has reported about a new electronic cigarette advocacy group.

Did you hear about it?

  • This group has originated as the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA). It is basically a consortium of North American e-cigarette distributors and retailers. They are dedicated towards promoting the idea of self-regulation within the industry.
  • They initiated by attending an October 8 (2012) trade show in Las Vegas. The team promoted their organisation and the ideals.
  • The group did not only spread a word about self-regulation. Also, raised over $500,000 in voluntary donations. They have decided to use this money in promoting themselves and growing their organization.

SFATA literature:

  • that self-regulation is a great move to ensure electronic cigarettes safety without the intervention of government.
  • They cited the efforts from the officials in the European Union.
  • The World Health Organisation and U.S. FDA, who are looking forward to potential prohibitive e-cig legislation.
  • Officials at SFATA stress on removing the need for any regulation by voluntarily establishing appropriate standards as well as members agreeing to this idea.
  • Launch of new vapor product lines contribute to the growth of the e-cigarette market globally.
  • The vapor products market is witnessing an increase in desire among end-users globally to quit smoking.

Electronic Cigarettes products are restricted in several countries:

  • firstly, MEA
  • secondly, Latin America
  • also, Saudi Arabia,
  • Brazil,
  • and Argentina.