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How Internet is the Biggest Ally of E-Cigarettes?

15th November 2012

E cigs are finding more users everyday across the world. But at the same time they are being declared ‘unsafe’ by governments and health bodies. It is no hidden story that electronic cigarettes have had a tough journey as a product. Since their arrival they have been targeted by pharmaceutical companies, tobacco companies and other lobbies threatened by the expanding user base of e-cigarettes.

Keeping the long list of those campaigning against e-cigarettes aside, there is one powerful ally which has allowed e cigarettes to become popular among users. It is the Internet. Yes, it is all thanks to the internet that people can find access to clear and unbiased information about e cigarettes. They can read the findings of scientists who have proved the safety of e cig vapour over traditional cigarette smoke; or read blogs of other users who have switched to e cigs and are pretty happy about it.

Users wanting to opt for this best alternative of traditional cigarette turn to the Internet to educate themselves about how e-cigarettes work, what they contain, and what makes them an ideal choice for smart smokers. The World Wide Web has given a platform for e cig users to read and then even write their own blogs to spread the word about e cigs and their usage.

There are many forums online which not only provide excellent advice on e cig usage or on finding a good ecig supplier; but also act as a platform where people come together to inform others about impending bans on the smokeless cigarette and what can they do about that. Do you want to pitch in and spread a good word about e cigs as well? Why don’t you start by commenting on this blog and sharing it with your friends?