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Choosing Your E Liquid Flavour

20th November 2012

Electronic cigarettes are loved by smokers for many reasons including their versatility in terms of flavours. As a vaper, you won’t be stuck with the regular menthol flavours as found in traditional cigarettes. With e cigs you can explore a number of eclectic flavours! And enjoy a new one every day!

This variety of flavours is offered by the e liquid- which is the ‘juice’ of electric cigs. The cartomiser of an ecig vaporises this e liquid which is released as the smoke from the electronic cigarette. Top e cig suppliers offer a number of e juice flavours ranging from the regular menthol to apple, cherry, cola and even coffee and vanilla. As a vaper you have to choice to pick the flavour most stimulating for your taste buds and enjoy the smoking sensation in your favourite flavour!

You can sample these unique concoctions of e juice and vape away without having to worry about the horrid tobacco smell clinging to your clothes ever again. To pick a flavour from choices like apple, or chocolate, or vanilla, can be a tough decision- even more so for first time vapers. That is why we suggest that if you are switching to ecigs from regular cigarettes; pick the traditional tobacco or menthol flavours at first. This will allow you to make the transition with ease.

Then work towards discovering your special vaping experience by trying all flavours one at a time, to know which one is the best eliquid flavour for you! If you have a favourite e cig flavour then share it with us right here!