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Special Super & Mini Kits Offer

14th June 2018

Special Super & Mini Kits offer

All ready to head on to the path of smart smoking with an e cigarette? In that case make a grand entry on the vaping scene with your very first e cigarette starter kit

Here at Ecigaretteweb, we offer exciting options of starter kits which rate high in both quality and durability.  Ecig starter kit comes with everything needed to create an ecig.

Pick from a choice of Micro Electronic Cigarette Kit to a Mini starter kit to the Super Cigarette starter kit.

The components found in a starter kit include: a manual to take you through the entire assembly process, maintenance and replacement directives, plus an atomiser, LED rechargeable batteries, battery charger and mixed cartridges or cartomisers.

Choose your kit according to your needs. Each kit is complete in itself, satisfying your requirements in entering the vaping experience.

This 10cm e cig is a perfect match for the real thing. It looks and feels like the real thing, but contains no tar or tobacco.

A ready-to-use electronic cigarette comprises of 1 E-Cigarette Battery and 1 E-Cigarette Cartomiser. The life span of a cartomiser varies according to personal consumption pattern but on average 1 cartomiser lasts circa 300 puffs

Replacement cartomisers are available for this electronic cigarette and come in either Menthol or Tobacco in the following strengths;

High (1.8% / 18mg)
Medium (1.4% / 14mg)
Low (1.1% / 11mg)
Zero (0mg)

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