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The Growing Market of Electronic Cigarettes in the UK

29th August 2013

Electronic cigarettes cannot be seen as a passing fad any more. With the rise of the electronic cigarette, the market of this tobacco alternative is spreading all over the globe and it is growing massively with each day. People are now realising the benefits and the convenience involved in switching over to the electronic cigarette or e-cig. Finding the finest quality electronic cigarette is a must in order to make the most out of the smoking or 'vaping' experience.

Talking about the electronic cigarette industry in the UK, the market will grow from an estimated £48m last year to £339m by the end of 2015. Further assessment of the market factors forecasts that the e-cig market will hit £193m by the end of this year before growing to £285m by the end of 2014. The 2015 figure of £338m is currently the equivalent of 2.7% of the tobacco cigarette market.  Currently, the e-cigarette is available in just 30% of the UK's impulse sector and it can be seen that the market still has a long way to go in terms of distribution, both among us retailers and the convenience channels.

There are new studies and research going on all over the world to emphasise the benefits of the electronic cigarette which is becoming one of the major factors people are turning towards them. In the UK particularly, consumers are looking at different ways of reducing their tobacco intake and the smokeless cigarette is becoming the preferred choice of many.

The electronic cigarette has found its way to many users as a smokeless device. For the best vaping experience, it is available in various flavours like American blend, tobacco, pure Virginia, menthol, strawberry, chocolate and cherry etc. The electric cigarette is the smart smoker’s choice.