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Tips for Cleaning an Electronic Cigarette

1st February 2013

No doubt the popularity of electronic cigarettes is increasing with each passing day, but do you know how to clean the one? Here with a set of easy to follow instructions for cleaning your electronic cigarettes.

Begin with cleaning the surrounding area that connects battery to your atomiser using a lint-free cloth. Ensure that no particle from lint free cloth is left behind. Do not use water or any other fluids for cleaning the electronic cigarettes. If there is any liquid build-up that has seeped from cartridge to atomiser, drain it immediately. It can be done in three ways.
Remove the mouthpiece and leave the battery attached. Blow air gently in the battery at the LED end for activating the battery. By this liquid would get vaporised as it will heat the atomizer.

Drain the liquid by removing the mouthpiece as well as battery then blow air into the hole where the battery is connected to the atomiser to clear the liquid away from the heating-coil. You can also tap the atomiser lightly onto a cloth after every third breath. Continue doing this step until you hear any gurgling sounds. Now, put the atomiser vertically on a clean cloth for draining additional liquid.

You can remove the liquid overnight by disassembling the unit. Keep the atomiser on a clean cloth to let the liquid drain out of it. Make sure you have kept the battery connection side up.

Do not stick the cloth inside the atomiser as it may result in leaving the tiny pieces of cloth inside the smokeless cig