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Do You Vape Different Flavours

19th January 2013

Usually, smokers who smoke tobacco cigarettes have to stick to the same flavour day in and day out. Smokers who prefer to use electronic cigarettes are spoiled with a wide variety of choice in flavours to lift their smoking experience.

According to a recent study, it has been seen that there are mainly four types of flavour vapers, these are:

  • A few people like to vape the same flavour every day. They do not feel the need to change the flavour as they are satisfied with their regular one.
  • There is a minority who admit to vaping one flavour all week, either vaping their way through one bottle before opening the other or making their own batches in quantities which are large enough to last.
  • The third type include people who vape one to three flavours a day. They usually go for a certain flavour in the morning, vape another during work and smoke a different flavour after the evening meal. Out of these people, there are some who go for one sweet and one tobacco flavour & keep rotating them. They prefer sweet flavours after a meal to keep the calories down.
  • Lastly, the study unveiled the group, which is keener to try out different flavours available in the market. They move from a certain flavour to another best e-liquid flavour throughout the day.