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What comes out of an Electronic Cigarette?

15th January 2013

The popularity of electronic cigarettes is increasing day by day. However, every person wants to know exactly what electronic cigarette vapour is. It is definitely not smoke and still a number of questions surround it. To clear up the doubts of people, we are here with the common components to electronic cigarette vapour.

Propylene glycol

May be, the name is not known to you but Propylene glycol is one of the organic compounds you come in contact with on a daily basis. It is commonly used in foods to keep them moist. Moreover, Propylene Glycol is pumped in hospitals air conditioning units as it possesses antimicrobial properties. In electronic cigarettes, it is used as the base liquid, which forms the vapour.

Vegetable glycerine

This is also widely used in food and certain cosmetic products to keep their consistency. Vegetable glycerine is added in electronic cigarettes to provide a thicker appearance to the vapour. There are e-liquid manufacturers that provide an option to users to choose how much vegetable glycerine they want to use in their electronic cigarettes.


Many people opt to use e-liquid with no nicotine content but manufacturers offer a variety of concentrations to those who are looking for the same. Nicotine is known to provide vapour the kick that people enjoy.


Water seems to raise the thickness of the vapour, hence, is added to make e-liquid easier to handle. Generally, they inform about the exact water percentage included in their e-liquids.


While using an e-cig it is an added advantage for smokers to choose which flavour they want to use. Some opt to replicate the tobacco taste while others choose to try out different flavours available in smokeless cig