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A New E Liquid Standards Association Gets Formed in the US

16th October 2012

The e cigarette industry is growing across the world. Their popularity is growing at a rapid rate in the US. As a recent survey of convenience stores in the country conducted by UBS- the Swiss global financial services company, reveals.

As per the survey of more than 10,000 stores, 82% of them stock electronic cigarettes and make a profit from selling them.

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There is however a demand for transparency in the manufacturing and marketing norms of e cigarettes. Many US trade groups have come forward to take up the task of ensuring this ‘transparency.’

The latest among such trade groups is the American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association- which has announced its dedication in establishing a standard of producing e liquids and also assuring compliance by member companies.

A New E Liquid Standards Association Gets Formed in the US

One look at the AEMSA website and you learn of their primary objective of “creating responsible and sustainable standards for the safe manufacturing of "e-liquids" used in electronic cigarettes.”

The group consists of volunteer e liquid manufacturers from the US who are all supportive of the idea to define a standard of manufacturing and quality of the final product found in an e cigarette starter kit.

There are certain sectors that are rallying against the electric cigarette industry. Maybe the formation of such groups will bring some sort of transparency in the e cigarette market.

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