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Buy E-Liquid Online for the Best Vaping Experience

9th August 2013

Electronic cigarettes are creating news in the market as the best alternative to traditional cigarettes.

As you probably know, these are battery operated cigarettes that produce a smoke-like vapour. What makes the electronic version even better is the vast array of flavours on offer. Each electronic cigarette consists of E-liquid. It is a usually a PG or VG liquid, which on being heated by the atomising device produces the vapour.

These e-liquids must be carefully chosen based on flavour, nicotine concentration, and consistency.

E- Liquid Flavour: The flavours that can make your 'vaping' experience more enjoyable are plentiful. You can choose between American Blend, Gold & Silver, Pure Virginia, Tobacco and Vanilla. Other natural fruity flavours are also available like Apple and Cherry.

If you need more options then you have Chocolate, Cola, Coffee and even Menthol to choose from.

Nicotine Concentration: Different users require different concentrations of nicotine according to their smoking habits. This is why different nicotine concentration levels are available in e-cigarettes including zero, low, medium to high and beyond.

With e-cigs you have the option to select which strength you prefer – the choice is yours.

E-Liquid Consistency: Generally speaking, the e-cig liquid which produces the vapour contains a substance called propylene glycol (PG). This is an organic compound with a faintly sweet and colourless clear viscous liquid. This gives the electronic cigarette the same feel of smoking and can combines with nicotine to give a nicotine hit.

Keeping these factors in mind, you can make the right and valid choice when buying e-liquid online and have a great vaping experience!