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Tips For E Cigarette Vaping

12th August 2013

With the meteoric rise of E Cigarettes and the increased restrictions on tobacco smoking, here are some tips to maximise your vaping experience:

  1. Get extra batteries and cartomisers once you have chosen the model.
  2. Rather than buying prerefilled cartomisers, you can simply place few drops of e-liquid into your used, or empty cartomsiers to prolong their use slightly – or just drip directly onto and atomiser
  3. Choose a nicotine strength which suits you – generally the higher the nicotine strength the stronger the throat hit.
  4. A long steady puff will give the most vapour volume. With strong hard puffs you generally do not get the best vaping experience.
  5. Atomisers can become clogged over prolonged use, and due to this the vapour volume is greatly reduced. If this is the case a clean can prolong their lifespan.
  6. Clean the contact points where your cartomiser and battery connect together. Do this by taking a cotton bud or similar and wiping the contact point inside the cartomiser and battery screw thread. Make sure it is completely dry before using it again.

You can always buy new and varied flavours and choose the best eliquid flavour for your vaping experience. There are many options available such as American Blend, Gold & Silver, Pure Virginia, Tobacco, Vanilla, Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, Cola, etc... What are you waiting for?