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E-Cigarettes Are a Good Idea

21st August 2013

E-Cigarettes are picking up steam (or vapour!). And more and more people are giving e-cigarettes a try. About one in five adult cigarette smokers in the UK had tried electronic cigarettes in 2012. Nearly twice as many as in 2011. The users of the device are expected to top 1 million this year. As the market grows, the tobacco companies are inevitably jumping on board.

Firstly, Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are a smoke-free alternative to the traditional cigarettes.

These usually comprise of a liquid containing cartomiser attached to a cylinder containing a battery. The battery heats the e liquid into a vapour that the user inhales. For now, e-cigs are in an area where they are not being regulated as either tobacco products or medicinal devices. Which is correct as they are simply an alternative to the tobacco cigarette. Not a tobacco containing or medical device in any way.

Also, A recent customer spoke to us about her experience of electronic cigarettes.

She had tried and failed to quit tobacco smoking for many years with nicotine gum and patches, and decided to try using an e-cig.  After a short while using this she was sold to the concept of the device. Adding that one of the greatest things about these is that the smoker can gauge their own level of nicotine. After years of trying and failing, she has managed to reduce her dependency on tobacco cigarettes and move to the smokefree alternative.