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Check out Special Offers

6th July 2016
This month we have the following special offers on our E-Cigarette For 20% off our Super and Micro Kits click here Don’t forget to add the discount code JUL31KITS For 15% off our Tobacco and Menthol E-Liquids click here Don’t forget
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Rescue Your Cash – Stop Smoking

12th May 2016
Life without smoking is full of health and financial benefits. Most people are aware of health risks involved. There are many reason why you should quit this bad habit for good. NHS Smokefree website has many advice and information, even include
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Media Negativity Driving Vaping Growth?

28th January 2016
It’s a simple observation that to teens, something perceived as ‘dangerous’ or controversial instantly becomes more cool than it was. Most vendors of e-cigarettes absolutely don’t want to target pre-adults and the industry wants to feel that it is part of
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NHS views changing for the positive

28th January 2016
 NHS & E-cigarettes It seems that the NHS are changing their views on e-cigarettes and vaping for the positive. The ongoing debate about e-cigarettes between the World Health Organisation, the EU, Governments and the NHS has been going on for some time.
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Happy New Year’s E-Cigarette Offer

1st January 2016
A very Happy and Healthy New Year to you all. What a better way to start the New Year off than to save money on your E-Cigarette purchases. Our offer this month – 20% off all our Super Kits and Micro Kits.
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New US E-cigarettes Study

24th December 2015
The United States Centre for Disease Control has recently published a report to say their initial investigations on e-cigarettes may not be correct. Their study involved who in the US uses e-cigarettes, they found that 12.6% had tried them, but only
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Try out our new Tobacco Flavour!

27th February 2015
Ecigaretteweb recently added a new realistic tobacco flavour. It is rich and realistic, giving a satisfying throat hit. See more here
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Refilling Your Cartomisers

23rd December 2014
Cartomisers can be refilled. Here is a trick to help you. Cartomisers come with a protective soft plastic cover placed on the end. Keep this aside and when you need to refill, put a little e-liquid into the cover. Then carefully
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New E-Cig Scare turns out to be hot air

10th December 2014
Once again the eagerness to imagine e-cigarettes are as dangerous as smoking has got the better of an uncritical press. A recent Japanese report claimed that e-cigarettes can contain 10 times as much formaldehyde as a conventional cigarette, but the data
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Cigarettes – Are They Really As Addictive As Vaping Products?

9th October 2014
Casting my mind back to the recent coverage of a hypothesis that nicotine is a gateway drug, I was aware at the time that research already suggests tobacco contains several compounds that appear to increase addiction not only towards the nicotine
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