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Do We Need to Map out Some E cigarette Etiquettes?

31st July 2012

Do We Need to Map out Some E cigarette Etiquettes?

The incident that happened on M6 raised concern among e cigarette users.

A bus was stopped on the M6 because of vapour coming out of a faulty e cigarette. Armed police came in to deal with what they believed was a “major security threat”.

It was all sorted out later as an innocent incident of a malfunctioning e cigarette of poor make.

Do We Need to Map out Some E cigarette Etiquettes?

The event created media frenzy as discussions were held about the freedom to smoke electronic cigarettes:

  • in public places
  • and transport systems- like a bus.
  • A BBC News article quoted Simon Clark, director of Smoking Lobby Group Forest, coming out in full support of e cigarettes. Also he declare them perfectly appropriate for restaurants.

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“I cannot see why you shouldn’t. They’re giving off a bit of water vapour but it’s nothing to concern anyone.

”The incident led to heavy speculation and industry experts came out with the idea of using discretion while vaping in public places"

And this got us thinking- should there be an e cig etiquette guide or rule book too?

Should vapers inform before smoking in an enclosed space (restaurant or a bus) so that sudden vapour in the room doesn’t alarm people. Or should the public in general be made aware of the safety of e cigs as a smoking device and that vapour released from e cigarettes is totally harmless for the non-smoker?

As you know, one of the biggest advantages of switching to smokeless cigarettes from regular tobacco cigarettes is to be able to smoke anywhere anytime. Vaping is allowed almost anywhere. What do you suggest needs to be done? Tell us your thoughts.