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Category: News

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Why Expecting Fathers Need to Switch to E cigarettes?

27th July 2012
Why Expecting Fathers Need to Switch to E cigarettes? Getting the news confirmed that there is a baby on the way. It is a special moment for every couple. The pregnant would be mum has to make several lifestyle changes almost
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The Rise and Rise of E-cig Users

24th July 2012
If you have been a vaper for long, you must have participated in any of the vape-meets held all over the country the year round. While you meet and share a ‘vapour rich experience’ or discuss your choice of e cigarette
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E-cig Sales Gaining Momentum Worldwide

18th July 2012
E-cig Sales Gaining Momentum Worldwide. A report in Scotland on Sunday has brought to light once again the rapid and continual growth of the electronic cigarette market. E cig manufacturers and retailers have plans of expansion of their products and services
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Do You Spend the Day Thinking Up Excuses for a Cigarette Break?

17th July 2012
One in every three workers is said to be not doing their job. They are not thinking of a business strategy, but of an excuse to go out and grab a smoke. The HR guys notice everything don’t they! A recent
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The Big Price Comparison – Cigarette vs. E-Cigarette Expenditure

15th July 2012
These are troubled times. The markets are falling, stocks are low, unemployment is at an all-time high and everyone is cutting costs. You may have also altered your budget a bit, maybe by reducing the amount spent on shopping. Dining and
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The History of Electronic Cigarettes

10th July 2012
The History of Electronic Cigarettes E cigarettes have been in the UK for more than half a decade now. With increasingly high number of Britons taking up vaping: there remains no doubt on the effectiveness of e cigs as alternative to
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E Cigarettes are More Environment Friendly than Regular Cigarettes

5th July 2012
E Cigarettes are More Environment Friendly than Regular Cigarettes. A couple of months back, National Geographic: came out with an article which highlighted another benefit of becoming a vaper and leaving smoking behind. The article states how the environment is suffering
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