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E-Liquid Apple

Choosing Your E Liquid Flavour

20th November 2012
Electronic cigarettes are loved by smokers for many reasons including their versatility in terms of flavours. As a vaper, you won’t be stuck with the regular menthol flavours as found in traditional cigarettes. With e cigs you can explore a number
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How Internet is the Biggest Ally of E-Cigarettes?

15th November 2012
E cigs are finding more users everyday across the world. But at the same time they are being declared ‘unsafe’ by governments and health bodies. It is no hidden story that electronic cigarettes have had a tough journey as a product.
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SFATA – Making Electronic Cigarettes Safe

30th October 2012
SFATA – Making Electronic Cigarettes Safe. Convenience Store News, has reported about a new electronic cigarette advocacy group. Did you hear about it? This group has originated as the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA). It is basically a consortium of North
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New Study – Electronic Cigarettes raised Productivity at Workplace

26th October 2012
Recently, we have highlighted some new stories on the UK companies experimenting with electronic cigarettes at their workplace. Actually, these companies were curious to know if there was any positive impact of e-cigarette on their employees’ productivity by making them stay
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Power Outage and Charging your Ecigarette

22nd October 2012
Yes, to enjoy the uninterrupted pleasure of smoking your E-cig anywhere, you must have it charged all the time. That said, there is no guarantee that you will have access to 24×7 electricity to charge your E-cig batteries wherever you go.
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A New E Liquid Standards Association Gets Formed in the US

16th October 2012
The e cigarette industry is growing across the world. Their popularity is growing at a rapid rate in the US. As a recent survey of convenience stores in the country conducted by UBS- the Swiss global financial services company, reveals. As
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Kicking the Smoking Habit!

Stylish & Affordable Smoking Makes Ecigarettes More Popular Than Ever

28th September 2012
It is time you got on to the smarter smoking wagon- e cigs. Millions in the UK and around the world are already ‘vaping’ as we speak. So what makes e cigs such a raving trend? Is it the plethora of
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Electronic Cigarette Industry- The Boom Continues

24th September 2012
Electronic Cigarette Industry- The Boom Continues. Financial and industry experts from the UK all agree with this one fact: the electronic cigarette industry is booming and how! The figures from the last couple of years are especially encouraging. Quoting the numbers
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Tobacco Companies Lose Fight for Plain Packaging

20th September 2012
Tobacco Companies Lose Fight for Plain Packaging. Top companies in Australia lost a tough legal battle against a government ban. The companies in question are big names like: Firstly, Phillip Morris, Secondly, British American Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco Also, they have
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New Study – Electronic cigarettes do not damage the heart

15th September 2012
New Study – Electronic cigarettes do not damage the heart. E cigarettes have found new favour with scientists it seems, and it is something we have welcomed. The latest study to come out in favour of ecigs says: that they do
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