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Vapor Loft vape lounge, Orange, CA.

E Liquid Flavours Offer a Great Vaping Experience

1st September 2012
E Liquid Flavours Offer a Great Vaping Experience. If you are new to e cigs, you could well be overwhelmed with their usage tips available all over the internet. There are many great sites offering: news, tips and hints about how
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Hon Lik E Cigarette Inventor

No Effect Of “Passive Vaping” in Blood Counts Of Non-Users

28th August 2012
No Effect Of “Passive Vaping” in Blood Counts Of Non-Users. There is a new study which has come into light proving that e cigarettes are completely safe to be smoked. Also, The vapour released has no effect to passive vapers. There
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Hollywood Celebrities on the Vaping Bandwagon

24th August 2012
Hollywood Celebrities on the Vaping Bandwagon. Most of you ‘Twilight’ fans would know that: our very own English actor Robert Pattinson has suffered a cruel heartbreak from cheating girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart. Also, Robert has been a vaper for some
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Electronic Cigarette Smoking

A Strong E-cig Ruling in the Offing for UK?

20th August 2012
Ever since electronic cigarettes have come in to the picture. They have been followed by innumerable debates on their ‘health benefits. Some manufacturers across the UK pitch e-cig as a healthy choice for smokers. We have always strived to offer high
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Do We Need to Map out Some E cigarette Etiquettes?

31st July 2012
Do We Need to Map out Some E cigarette Etiquettes? The incident that happened on M6 raised concern among e cigarette users. A bus was stopped on the M6 because of vapour coming out of a faulty e cigarette. Armed police
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eCigaretteWeb SuperKit

Why Expecting Fathers Need to Switch to E cigarettes?

27th July 2012
Why Expecting Fathers Need to Switch to E cigarettes? Getting the news confirmed that there is a baby on the way. It is a special moment for every couple. The pregnant would be mum has to make several lifestyle changes almost
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eCigaretteWeb Coins

The Rise and Rise of E-cig Users

24th July 2012
If you have been a vaper for long, you must have participated in any of the vape-meets held all over the country the year round. While you meet and share a ‘vapour rich experience’ or discuss your choice of e cigarette
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Electronic Cigarette N901

E-cig Sales Gaining Momentum Worldwide

18th July 2012
E-cig Sales Gaining Momentum Worldwide. A report in Scotland on Sunday has brought to light once again the rapid and continual growth of the electronic cigarette market. E cig manufacturers and retailers have plans of expansion of their products and services
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Smoking Money

Do You Spend the Day Thinking Up Excuses for a Cigarette Break?

17th July 2012
One in every three workers is said to be not doing their job. They are not thinking of a business strategy, but of an excuse to go out and grab a smoke. The HR guys notice everything don’t they! A recent
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Currency Types

The Big Price Comparison – Cigarette vs. E-Cigarette Expenditure

15th July 2012
These are troubled times. The markets are falling, stocks are low, unemployment is at an all-time high and everyone is cutting costs. You may have also altered your budget a bit, maybe by reducing the amount spent on shopping. Dining and
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